Security Systems

Technical and Electronic

PRO-TEX Security has developed a team with superior technical expertise covering the core products of the electronic security industry. Security solutions are devised, utilising world-class technologies, to offer the best value for each client.

From leading-edge installations to cost-effective alarm systems and our on-going technical support and maintenance services — PRO-TEX Security delivers all your electronic security needs.

PRO-TEX Security Australia have been actively involved in providing security services in Queensland and New South Wales since 2007, with a reputation for our high standards and quality of service. At PRO-TEX Security we understand that each site requires different needs.

PRO-TEX Security has a dedicated team with the technical knowledge of the core products of the electronic security industry, including experienced technicians. Ongoing training and research keeps our electronic security team informed of any new technologies available. All PRO-TEX staff are security licenced and accredited to certain industry standards.

Integrated Security Solutions

Complementing our electronic security solutions, PRO-TEX also provide monitoring services in accordance with Australian standards (2201.2.-2004), mobile patrols and guard services.

Strong Customer Relations

Our team can provide a state-of-the-art security solution designed and tailored to meet each customer’s needs.

PRO-TEX can help you maintain your system. With our knowledge and understanding of your site and systems, we can respond effectively and without hesitation to your requests for upgrades and servicing.

Keeping You Informed

Definitive leadership and strong project management will ensure that installation is meticulously planned for uninterrupted protection of your premises and the installation is completed on time and on budget.

Progress reports on installation, service and maintenance can be provided on request at a pre-designated timeframe.

Quality Assurance

Our electronic security solutions are designed utilising state-of-the-art technologies available to offer the most cost-effective solution for each client to assist with the balancing of their technical requirements against budget.

Date on product performance is analysed so areas of concern can be highlighted and the problem rectified during regular maintenance and servicing programs. Our quality control team are continuously monitoring and improving standards set down in our company charter.

Maintenance & Service Contracts

All too often a great percentage of time waster during servicing is spent solving problems caused by ill-maintained equipment. A PRO-TEX maintenance and service package will prolong the deterioration of your electronic system and extend the life of your investment.

Each system has unique properties, designed specifically for that premise. Following a full assessment of your system a preventative maintenance and servicing package tailored to your needs and wants can be arranged.

A PRO-TEX consultant will discuss with you the best solution and recommend any upgrade if they have a concern regarding potential threats or breaches to your current systems.

Depending on client requirements a PRO-TEX maintenance and servicing contract may include (but not limited to) the type of equipment used and installed, the duration/time required for the servicing/maintenance to be carried out and the frequency of the site visits.

Electronic Security

Services provided by our electronic security department include:

System Design & Installation

Standalone, multifunctional, multi-access point, PRO-TEX Security can develop an electronic system to suit your budget, premise your business.

Access Control

Access control provides control and protection vital to your business. PRO-TEX can design, advise and install numerous state-of-the-art technologies solutions and systems — whether it’s a three-zone access point system to a larger system with numerous access points.


Closed Circuit TV is a very effective tool in the prevention of crime. Our consultants will evaluate your premises and integrate cameras, monitors and monitoring into a system that suits your needs and budget. PRO-TEX Security are constantly reviewing and monitoring the latest technological advances that are made in CCTV technology.

Alarm Systems

PRO-TEX Security can provide quality alarms systems that will suit any client’s budget. Whether the system is hard wired, wireless or a combination of both — we can integrate your alarm system with other systems such as ‘Access Control’ or CCTV to give you the peace of mind that your premises is being protected.


Providing 24/7 coverage 365 days a year, our monitoring team offers the attention and vigilance your premise deserves. Based in Coomera on the Gold Coast, our monitoring station contains state-of-the-art systems and technology used to monitor your security systems.

System Upgrades & Enhancements

Finding the right balance between keeping up with new technology against needing to leverage the value of your current security system can cause a lot of headaches. At PRO-TEX we can help — our consultants and technicians can maximise your current investment by integrating new technology with your current system. From a small upgrade to a major upgrade, our team can ensure the project is a quality design with effortless implementation.

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